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Windows 2008 R2 Web Server

The Practical Guide to
Windows Web Server 2008 R2

Author: Sergey Nosov
ISBN: 978-1-47921-630-7

Improve the consistency of your IT infrastructure and build the next web server with Windows 2008 R2. This book is a step-by-step guide to setting up your server from scratch. Configure IP addresses, host names, DNS services, firewall with advanced security, IIS with Apache side-by-side, and more.

Author Biography

Currently the Director of Information Technology at a California-based biotech company, Sergey Nosov has held computer field positions non-stop since entering the workforce in the mid-1990s. Having prior experience with Windows NT, Sergey has implemented production Internet platform environments under Windows Server operating system starting with version 2000.

Book Highlights

Quit struggling with IP addresses

DNS Services

The site search button

Table of Contents

01. Before you begin

Selecting Hardware

Processor and Chipset
ECC Registered Memory
Memory Type, Speed, and Voltage
Memory Timings
Memory Ranks and Channels
Remote Server Management
Server Storage
Optical Drives
Server Maintenance and Upgrades

RAID Configuration
Updating Firmware

02. Installing Windows
03. Windows Server Backup
04. Name, Domain, and Workgroup Settings
05. IP Addresses for Pre-Deployment

Installing Loopback Adapter
Adding "Skip as Source" IPs

06. DNS

DNS Service on the Internet

07. Windows Firewall

Third Party Mail Server
Blocking a simple DoS attack

08. IIS and Apache

Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP
Adding UNIX Utilities to Windows
Installing IIS Role
Running IIS and Apache Side-by-side
Virtual Hosting

Apache Virtual Hosting
IIS Virtual Hosting

Secured Web Sites

09. ASP.NET 1.1 on Windows 2008 R2
10. Indexing Services for IIS
11. Microsoft Web Platform Installer

Windows Media Services

12. Before Going Live

Basic Security Checks
Intrusion Detection and Prevention

13. Switching IPs between Testing and Live Connections
14. Enabling Remote Desktop
Appendix I: Run Shortcuts

Control Panel Applets
Management Console Snap-ins
Directory Shortcuts
Redirection for 32-bit Processes

Appendix II: Common Port Numbers
Appendix III: Units of Measure for Digital Information

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